The first of the Ten Commandments in the Dramatically Embellished Version reads like this.

“I am the most important thing.  I am God.  I am your King, your Lord and Master, your Creator and First Love.  I AM the strength of the world, your Hope and Salvation.  I cared for you when no others did.  There’s nobody and nothing in your life that is more important than Me.” Exodus 20:2-3

So I ask, how important is God to you really?  Now you might say that He is the most important thing, but I used to say that a lot too until a couple of days ago.  So here are some questions to ask yourself, a quick little test if you like, to see how important God is in your life.

And just so you know, I failed when I brought this against myself but it has helped me rearrange my priorities.  And even though I felt like something someone had just scrapped off the bottom of their shoe, “God doesn’t tell you you’re doing it wrong, if He doesn’t love you enough to care.” (Rev 3:19 DEV)

When do you pray? Not how much or how do you pray, but “when?”  Do you squeeze in prayers while you’re driving from one appointment to another?  Do you remember at the end of the day when you’re laying in bed that you haven’t talked to the Lord today?  Do you make time to come the Lord, do you prioritize the time you spend talking with Him, or do you just sort of squeeze it in when you have a moment and remember?

When do you worship? Again, this is not a question of how much, how often, or how but of when.  Do you make a point of worshiping Him at all or do you save it for Sunday mornings?

How do you serve? I’m not talking about the activity you do when serving, I’m talking about the heart and the energy you bring to serving Jesus.  When you go out to serve is that your priority or are you constantly checking the blackberry for that last minute e-mail?  Do you volunteer for something and then put it on the back burner as something extra?  Do you volunteer at all?

I don’t want to make this a thing about time, because everyone is short on time, and every one is always rushing, but the fact of the matter is, if God holds the number one spot in our lives, shouldn’t He hold the number one spot on our time?  I’m not saying drop everything right now and worship, pray and serve.  I’m NOT saying that.  But if God is important enough to follow, shouldn’t He be important enough for us to budget some time for Him?