People talk about how life can be a storm sometimes.  This is the kind of person who looks at passages like Matthew 8:24-26.  Jesus is just chilling out in the boat, asleep while the boat and everyone else on it is scared out of their minds and holding desperately to the railing while shouting.

“MASTER!! WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU?  WE’RE DYING HERE!  DON’T YOU CARE?!” (Dramatically Embellished Version)

That’s when Jesus steps up and says “What?  You worried about some wind?  Wind, waves, chill.” (DEV)

And that’s great and I love that passage because Jesus steps up and takes care of us who are freaking out and don’t know what to do but hold on to dear life.  But let’s be honest: there are times in this life, there are storms we face that Jesus does not rebuke and calm on our behalf.  What then?

Does this mean Jesus isn’t lord?

Does this mean we are meant to suffer the hardships of life?

Is He upset with us that He didn’t protect us?

The answer is “no” to all of those questions.  What we need to do is realize that there is a difference between a storm and an earthquake.  A storm is something that affects our circumstances.  An earthquake affects our foundations, and if God needs to change our perspective or shake us up a bit to get us out of whatever place we’re in, he’s going to use an earthquake that will probably be unpleasant but will grow us.

Psalm 46 begins with an earthquake.  Mountains topple and kingdoms fall when the Lord raises His voice.  Bows and chariots shatter and wars cease, devastation comes to the earth all at the hands of the LORD.  And yes it’s terrible but how much better is it when it’s done?

The foundation of conflict, the mountain that was the war is suddenly gone, cast into the depths of the sea.  Everything changed in a horrifying moment of destruction that allows us to turn from our daily distractions, from whatever conflict demands our attention, and to be still.  To stop the fighting and allow the peace that surpasses understanding to come over us.

“Be Still.  Stop fighting.  Stop trying so hard.  Stop worrying.  I AM GOD, exalted among the nations.” (DEV)