Dear Jesus,

Not going to lie: I don’t get it.  And I’m not alone I’m sure.  I don’t know why you would die for people who are as base and lowly as me.  I don’t understand why you would suffer for us who have never done anything for you or done anything to deserve your love.  I don’t understand how you could do all this and not just for those of us who are thankful but even those of us who aren’t.

Jesus I know you died for the people who hate you just the same as you died for the people who love you, but I don’t get it.

I want it to be true, I know it is true, and it’s wonderful that it’s true but I don’t understand!

I don’t understand because the same people who hate you and the things you represent hate me.  I’ve never been hated before Jesus and I’m having some issues with it.  I don’t understand the aggression, the determination and the confrontationalism I’m coming up against.  I don’t understand the close-mindedness and unabated anger.  I don’t understand hatred.

I don’t understand why someone could be so threatened by my relationship to you or by my love for you.

And if I don’t understand how You can love them just the same as you love me, how can I show them Your love?

I want to.  I really want to love my enemies, bless those who curse me, and pray for those who persecute me.  I’m just not sure I can.

Lord, bless me with your love and understanding that I can love others as you do, because I can’t do it on my own.  I can’t do it without you.

With all my heart, mind, soul and strength,