There lived a Hobbit.”  The opening line to the quiet prequel to the epic masterpiece The Lord of The Rings.   The Hobbit is one of my all time favorite books and not going to lie, I’m am absolutely terrified of the movie.  I mean, does anyone else remember this train wreck from 77?  (For the record, I didn’t see it until 93)

Turns out that the casting for the new movie finally came out and a number of the names made the top 20 Google trends for 10/22/10.  So here are some of the things that I absolutely loved from the book that I hope make it into the movie.

Use the tools at hand.  Early on Gandalf says to the dwarves “If you want to slay a dragon you need a hero and I can’t find one for you, so a thief will have to do instead.”  Bilbo’s not a hero, he isn’t even much of a thief, but that doesn’t mean he can’t get the job done.  Think David and Goliath: the kid didn’t even have a sword but he didn’t need one to overcome.

The Fight with the Trolls.  This is an early side note in the story and there is a reference to it in The Fellowship of the Ring that was skipped over in the movie.  It’s actually a pretty comical scene with the trolls arguing over how to cook and eat Bilbo and the thirteen dwarves when the sun rises and they turn to stone.  Just goes to show that hope and joy always rise with the dawn.

The Desolation of Smog.  So the area right around the Lonely Mountain where the dragon Smog has been camping out for ages is a complete wasteland.  You can’t skip out on this part, they did it in the movie when they skipped the chapter Scouring the Shire, but they can’t do it this time.  No escaping the pain and desolation that comes from over-industrialization and war.

How about it?  What are your favorite parts of the Hobbit?  What do you hope they do/don’t cut out for the move?  Was there another movie that butchered a much beloved book?