Bringing Awareness by Ramone Romero


So here’s the run down.  You got this old guy who’s supposed to get his old wife pregnant.  Now when I say old I’m talking about OLD, I mean these two make the wheel look like an iPad kind of old.  So the old woman, convinced her hubby is completely psycho decides that if he’s going to get the baby he wants some other girl is going to have to help him out (never mind the question of male infertility).

Enter Hagar.  (yes this is the story of Abram, Sarai and Hagar in case you were wondering) Hagar is the maid of the story.  Kind like a beaten up, cast out, and undervalued version of Cinderella.  But talk about abuse I mean Sarai, God’s chosen, takes this woman and tells her husband to rape her then when Hagar is sitting around going “I have a baby.  I actually have a baby” Sarai goes psycho on the woman, beats her up some more and pretty much forces her out into the wilderness.  Read Genesis 16 for the official version but that’s pretty much how I understand it.

But here’s what I love about the story.  The woman Hagar was battered, beaten, raped, a contrary and difficult soul who was always at odds with her mistress.  The bible tells us that Hagar even “despised her mistress” when she was pregnant while Sarai had never borne a child.  But here’s the kicker for me: Hagar did not know God.  She most likely followed a local cult that worshipped rocks or trees or The Beetles for all I know but she didn’t know the God that Abram and Sarai served.

So how much more amazing is it to see God appear to Hagar in the desert and say “You too are blessed.  I see you too”?

Get it?  It doesn’t matter what’s going on in your life God has the same message for you.  “I see you.  I got you.”