So I talked about this subject a while back while discussing some different obstacles to Faith, but I wanted to take a moment and dig a bit some more.  This post is not one that I put up before, but is a letter I wrote to some youth who had asked me about the difference between knowledge and wisdom.  Enjoy!

My greatest obstacle to faith is knowledge.  The more information I have, the harder it is to keep faith. Now I can dig real deep here and talk to you about Cosmological Mass Distribution as pertaining to Time Zero, or the relationship between Archeological records and Biblical Redaction under Josiah’s reform, but that’s just too much for me to think about before 10am… who am I kidding, it’s just too much to think about.  No, instead I’m going to talk about something much simpler: what our own lives tell us we know.

I have a pretty serious project in front of me that could very possibly change just about everything.  I’ve been working on this for years, and now it’s come to the point where I have to take it to the next level. My lack of knowledge of how to proceed tells me I’m in a lot of trouble, and all the information I CAN gather is less than reassuring.  On top of that, I’m certain that in some cases more harm than good will be done from this.

But all of this fails to take into account the key to overcoming this obstacle: wisdom.

Wisdom is not just understanding information or reading past the surface appearance.  Wisdom is God’s perspective, which means God alone is wise.  A thought that actually ruffles my feathers a bit but we’ll ignore that for now.  Now because God loves us, He will from time to time grant us Wisdom for our lives, and that Wisdom, having a Godly or Heavenly perspective instead of an earthly one, will catapult us forward beyond the obstacle of what we “know.”  But how to do we attain Wisdom?

Wisdom comes in sudden flashes of understanding that we can’t explain.  Wisdom is knowing that you know without knowing how you know.  And when the Lord doesn’t give it to you in that miraculous way it’s because He’s given it to us in His word and the counsel of our friends and family.  Prov 15:22 “Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisors they succeed.”

We’re all just human and it is part of human nature to desire to understand the world around us.  So we seek information and knowledge naturally without always seeking the wisdom to understand that information and sometimes it takes more or less information to rattle our faith, our trust in God but we still look at it and we’re on the wrong side of the mountain.  Wisdom will carry us over.  God wants us to be strong in faith, and if He is for us who can stand against us?  We are not even an obstacle to ourselves if God grants us Wisdom.

So next time someone challenges Evangelical Eschatology with a Historical Exegesis of Revelation, pray for wisdom, and see what God provides.