This song is probably one of my favorites in my massive arsenal of worship songs (you know, all three of them).  The Lyrics are really simple but they are open, honest and heartfelt.  This song speaks to me a lot of different levels and has really ministered to my heart.  I hope it does the same for you.  Lyrics below the video if you’re interested.

It’s our confession Lord that we are weak
so very weak, but You are strong.
And though we have nothing Lord to lay at your feet
we come to Your feet and say “help us along.”

A broken heart and a contrite spirit, you have yet to deny.
Your heart of mercy flows with love’s strong spirit
Let the river flow God, by Your spirit now!
Lord we cry

“Let your mercies fall from heaven,
Sweet mercies fall from heave,
New mercies for today
Shower them down Lord as we pray.”

You said if we asked, that you would come
that You’d send your rain on everyone

So right now we ask Lord,
That You would come,
That You’d send your rain, on everyone.