Officially, I’ve been a member of the High Calling blogs community for a while now.  Someone, once upon a time, (like in May) suggested I join.  So I did.   To be perfectly honest I didn’t have much in the way of expectations for joining.   Even though I signed up for the daily devotionals and even though I subscribed to the blog’s RSS feed, I found it really difficult to connect to the other bloggers on there.  I was and still am reasonably new to the whole blogging thing and to be honest it kind of felt like having finding Jesus and turning around to enter a Mega Church.

For the record, I’m not slamming Mega Churches here or HCB, it’s just that both are such freaking HUGE communities!  Where do you start?  Who do you say hello to?  Is it REALLY ok to just jump right in?  Don’t I have to prove my chops first?And just like any Christian community the answer comes in the form of a question.  “Hey there, what are you doing in the corner all by yourself?”  Now I didn’t have anyone from HCB actually come to me in an e-mail or anything and say that, but I saw that whenever I managed to pull the guts together to comment on a post.  I was always very careful to not say anything unless I most certainly had something to contribute to the conversation, and once the conversation reached around 27 comments I usually had problems following it, but I was always very well received for which I was always very grateful.

What really tipped the scales for me though, has been working with Dan King on the Idea Camp #ICSEX series.  (enter #ICSEX in the search area over there and you’ll see what it’s all about)  I’m not sure how many of the other bloggers taking part in this one are part of HBC, but since Dan is one of the managing something or others over at HBC, I’d guess there are a few of them.  That’s what really convinced me that I need to invest in this community.  I can’t just sit around and watch and read and feel like that’s ok, because these are great people I love talking to.  Forget what they need from me, for all I know they DON’T need me, but I sure can benefit from them.

So yeah, I joined HBC back in May, but today, I actually join them.