To continue on the idea of worship and the different forms that it can take, I bring before you the idea that what can be commonly seen as profane or offensive can in fact be a sacred sacrament.

Granted, sacrament might be the wrong word, but you understand what I mean.

Anyways, I bring before you now modern artistry as a form of worship and I bring it in the form of a book.  Shameless plug here, this is actually a book that my wife and worked on and combines my poetry and short stories with her photography.  The full title is (as you may have gathered from the image over there) Graffiti Worship in a Broken Temple.

You may be surprised to find out that I am not doing this for the sole purposes of publishing and making money.  Then again if you know me you may not be surprised.  The fact is that this is a self publishing endeavor that we are going to use to help fund mission and leadership training for our friend Yireh, who came with us on the South Dakota Mission project.

More to the point, this is an act of worship.  Every piece within this book comes from a place of worship in the exact same way that the psalms did.  Only instead of psalms written with a nice acoustic guitar to accompany them in fine and ancient biblical fashion, my words are written and accompanied by stark and beautiful black and white photography.  Compare Solomon’s temple to a ruin covered in graffiti and you can understand how what I wrote compares to what David wrote.

It’s ugly.  It most certainly is not pretty.  But then again neither are we.  We are ultimately broken vessels for all that our bodies are temples to God.  That’s where the title comes from.  It really is graffiti worship in my heart – a broken temple to God.