I have an acquaintance that is in a very peculiar situation.  His family is Christian, very staunchly and conservatively Christian, and he is gay.  His mother is convinced that “those gays” convinced him to join their “hedonistic den of iniquity” by giving him gifts.  The rest of the family may not say it aloud but they agree that their favorite son was seduced to homosexuality through lavish gifts.  In other words, they are convinced that their son was bought.

Now I could talk about the Christian response to homosexuality, but there are two bloggers who do it much better than I.  The first is Andrew Marin who maintains the blog “Love is an Orientation.”  Great blog about homosexuality and the church I strongly recommend that everyone read it.  The second is Dan King who recently wrote a post as part of this series which I recommend you read here. This is all part of The Idea Camp’s !CSEX project which you can read about here. What I want to talk about is the LGBT identity within Christian communities.

If you read that last line and thought to yourself that there is no such thing as a LGBT Christian, or if you thought that a LGBT person CAN’T be Christian, or if you would rather look away and put your head in the sand hoping that by ignoring the issue it will go away I am very sorry to say that you are not alone.  These are pretty much the standard responses we see within a moderate spectrum.

(I’m not digging into the extremely conservative or the extremely progressive camps because I don’t know enough about either and I’m still recovering from a head cold and don’t want the headache that comes with them)

But here’s the thing: even moderate Christian responses to the LGBT community are such that we preclude that demographic from finding their identity in Christ.  It is no different than during the slave trade years when blacks were prevented from finding an identity in Christ because they were believed to be descendents of Cain.  In the same way, we preclude the LGBT community from Christ.

This is the primary source of contention between Christians and the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered community.  (I’m really sorry, is it Transgendered or Transsexual?  I can never remember and I’m really sorry if I got it wrong.)  We as Christians assume that in order to enter into a relationship with Christ we must first repent of all our sins, and because there are specific bible passages that proclaim homosexuality as sinful we bar LGBT from entering into that relationship.

Does that seem arrogant to anyone else?  Who are we to bar the gates to the temple?  To place road blocks on the way to the throne of God?  This sounds more like the work of fallen angels than the calling of the sons and daughters of God.

Conflict will arise out of one of two circumstances: persistent disagreement of base values (in which case we may have to agree to disagree), or persistent misunderstanding.

Now riddle me this: how are we supposed to understand and communicate with the LGBT community as children of God, if they themselves are not permitted access and discovery of their own identity in Christ?  Why am I writing this and asking questions, instead of someone from the LGBT community who DOES have a sense of identity in Christ and can fill in the gaps in the understanding in the rest of the Body?

Let me also say that I absolutely do not want this post to be taken as an “us and them” kind of post.  I know that it easily comes across that way, and I apologize for it.  Please believe me when I say that my only hope and desire is to eliminate the “them” part and turn it into an “us” discussion.

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