A while back I wrote a post on some simple reminders, principles to keep in mind when things get tough.  One of those reminders was “The key to writing is to write.”  This came to me in the form of DC playwright when I asked her what the best advice she had for someone just starting out could do.  (I was interested in playwrighting back then) She said “Write and don’t stop.”  Her second piece of advice was equally stimulating saying “write what you know, but understand that you can know anything.”  But it’s the first one I want to share because it doesn’t just apply to writing but to life.

Isaiah 60:1 reads “Arise, Shine, for your light has come.”  Note the command form of the verbs there.  “Arise.”  “Shine.”  It doesn’t say “think about getting up” and it doesn’t say “Meditate on what it means to shine.”  It just says to do it.

When Peter is in prison and chained to the floor an angel shows up and releases him and says “Get up and follow me.”  Notice how the Angel doesn’t just pick up the imprisoned apostle, but provides for him to do it.

When Jesus calls the first disciples to him he says “Come.  I will make you fishers of men.”  He doesn’t say “I need y’all to get a GED, BA, and then an MDiv before we start diving into this whole healing the sick thing.”

Now I don’t mean to bash prayerful consideration, meditation, or education here.  I don’t want anyone to think I don’t value those things but I strongly object to using those things as an excuse for putting off the life that God has set aside for you.  I object even more strongly (in words that would be inappropriate to post here) to using these excuses to avoid the Kingdom.

You got dirty laundry you want to clean out before talking to Jesus?  Well so did the leper in Mark 1 and he manage alright.

You need to figure out what you’re good at before you can start working?  Process of elimination is a valid method of discovering your talent.  See 1 Cor 12:6-10

You got a plan you need to take care of?  Prov 16:9 – nuff said.

You afraid?  We all are.  The path isn’t easy. We sell our lives dearly.

Now if you spend all your time thinking about why you SHOULDN’T or why you CAN’T do something then I have some news for you – you never will.  Your inward reality of inability and fear will become your outward reality and you will never do it.  Just like how the Israelites’ hearts wandered from God so they wandered in the desert.  The truth is that the call is going out every moment of every day to take that step and challenge that inward reality that is holding you back.

The call is going out to Arise, to shine.  To be a light to the world, the salt of the earth.

The call is going out to write, to build, to speak, to do whatever it is you do.

The call is going out to live.

You in?