Note: this is a three person skit written for the Pine Ridge Retreat Center Puppet Ministry

1: In early spring

2: when the frozen water trapped under ground finally melts

3: and places that had stretched begin to fall in on themselves

1: the walls that were built last summer or fall need repair.

2: More often than any other time of year

3: more than barn raising

1: more than pow wow

3: more than a reason to celebrate

1: more than a reason to cry

2: More than any other time of year, neighbors will come together in the early spring when a wall needs mending to fill in the holes

3: pick up fallen stones

1: replace broken fence posts

2: and make sure the wall stays up.

3: In some places there are three neighbors along a section of wall that needs repair and they will all come together

1: in early spring

2: when walls need mending

3: and rebuild the walls between them.

1: Each of the stones has a different name.

2: some are quartz

3: some granite

2: some are marble

3: but not these stones

1: no not these stones.

2: these stones have different names

3: because these are special

1: the special stones to build the walls have special names.  This one is called indifference.

2: This one is called hatred.

3: this one we call misunderstanding.

1: We name these stones according to our own natures.  This one is fear.

2: These stones tell a story about us.  This one is shame.

3: These stones can hurt us.  This one is hurt.

1: In the spring when the water that was trapped underground melts

2: And the walls between us fall down

3: we build them back up.

1: These are the stones that divide us.