Note: this is a sermon that I had the pleasure to deliver to a group of children while on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.  They were aged 8-13.

Who can tell me where Heaven is?  Everyone who knows where Heaven is, point to it.  (kids point up).  Well it certainly can be up there, but would you like to hear a secret?  It’s a secret that will turn your world upside down are you ready?

Heaven is everywhere that God is.  And God is everywhere right?  God is in the trees, and the ground, in the crayons and the paper you draw on, but most importantly, it’s in your heart.  Heaven is in your very own heart.

Now in the verses we read tonight [Luke 12:32-34], Jesus says to store your treasures in heaven, where no moth can eat it like a moth can eat fancy clothes and where no robber can take it like a robber can take your favorite toy.  But if heaven is in your heart, how do you put treasure there?  You can’t just cut open your chest and put your favorite toys in there.   So what do you think he was talking about?  What was Jesus talking about when He said “store your treasures in Heaven”?

I’ll tell you what he meant, but first I want you to promise me to really think about it ok?

Jesus meant that the only treasures worth having, were the ones you could carry around in your heart.  The bible gives us some examples of these kinds of treasures.  Love, Joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, trustfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

Now to help you remember this, I’m going to give you a little present, but you have to promise to take good care of it, to keep it close to you and always remember that the only treasure worth having, is the one that you can carry with you in your heart.  I’m also going to give you these lanyards with lights on the end to remind you that a little piece of heaven is always inside of you, that you carry it in your heart.  And because you now know that you have a piece of heaven, I want to give you these glow sticks so you can tell others.  Give these to anyone you like, but you have to promise to give them away and tell them exactly what I told you.  “Freely you have received now freely give.”