In case you were wondering, ten hours in a minivan with your wife, inlaws, and a little Puerto Rican girl is not nearly as tough as it may sound.  I’m tired, kind of bruised and battered, and have all kinds of stiff muscles from the long car ride that I’ll admit puts me in a position where I am disinclined to meditate on any Godly mystery or question of holiness or righteousness.

But God is good all the time.  And all the time God is good.

Before leaving on this trip I told you about the great things we had already seen God do. Yesterday I had an artistic and theological reflection on what this trip means and what may come of it.  Today I want to share with you part of the fulfillment of a promise.

The promise goes something like this.  “You will see greater things than these.”  Now I’m not talking about fish and loaves kind of miracles, or incredibly and unexpected healings (but I’m keeping an eye out for what God is doing) but His hand has moved over us and guarded us as steadily and assuredly as though we walked in the midst of a legion of angels.

  • When we went to rent our vehicle we had to use a different card than the one on which the reservation was made.  A very helpful clerk not only did so without any complaint or problem but managed to give us the same rate we had originally be quoted (which is about 45% LESS than the walk up price)
  • Last night we were trying to call ahead to find a place to stay and were denied again and again until one place not only had rooms available but had them at half price.
  • We traveled about 600 miles today without any problems.  A bit of traffic and wrong turn at one point but we still made great distance, in great time.
  • We made a wrong turn, but God brought us to a great place to have lunch and gave us a much needed break out of the car.
  • The wrong turn and traffic meant that we had to stop a little bit sooner than we had originally meant to, but it’s a great place and we’re looking forward to a good night’s sleep in these extra comfy beds.

Little things, minor miracles, but God is moving.  There’s an air of eager anticipation hanging around us and I just can’t wait to see what happens when the sun rises next.