If you are reading this right now, and you are somewhere with a reasonable degree of privacy, please stand up.  Now put both hands in the air as high as you can and jump up and down while singing your favorite worship song.

If you are somewhere public where people will think about finding you a room with padded walls if you did the above, then please give a little victory arm pump to the LORD.

Why?  You might ask.

Because GOD IS ALWAYS GOOD!  But I’m not going to stop there because He has once again demonstrated His goodness, His love, and His just plain awesomeness…(is that a word?  Oh who cares.)

~God has provided above and beyond what we need for our trip to South Dakota.  As of our final fundraiser we have 105% of our goal.

~God has inspired people with the stories and the plans we have shared.  Already we’re looking ahead to Pine Ridge, South Dakota 2011 with a team and mission duration double the size of this year.

~God has revealed himself to people who have been hard of heart.  These are people I’ve been trying to witness to through my life and example for ages (or so it seems) and this past week they have opened up during conversations about South Dakota in ways that HAD TO HAVE been God.

So thank you to all of you who have supported the team with funds and with prayer, you have paved the way for breakthrough at home before we’ve even started!  If God’s only purpose for my first mission trip was to impact the people at home before I even left then I feel pretty good calling it a success, but the truth is that I know He has more in store for us once we hit the road.

Love, peace, and blessings on you all!