My vision is pretty lame right now.  I’m really going to take some time over the next couple of weeks to work out some of these ideas, but the one that has me really beat is Vision.  Mission, Values, I think I have a half decent handle on those but right now my vision for myself is pretty useless.

Michael Hyatt describes what he thinks vision is in his post about Mission, vision, and Values. He writes

Vision. Having a clear vision of where you are going is crucial in any human endeavor. This is especially true when it comes to organizations. Unless we know where we are going, it is difficult to select the best route, assign the necessary resources, or create any semblance of organizational alignment.

I’m bringing this up because like mission statements, Christians tend to (not always but are likely to) forget that we need them.  We forget that we’re still human and need some basic human tools to get the job done.  We’ll sit back and focus on the spirit to take us where we need to be rather than make a plan and be deliberate about it.

Don’t mistake me, I’m a very spirit-led person, and I absolutely believe that no matter what we do we need to make sure that we are flexible and willing to respond to the Spirit if She leads us in a different direction than the one we’ve chosen.  And there is certainly something wonderfully fun about deciding to live a day on nothing but words of knowledge, but that doesn’t excuse us from being deliberate.

There are plenty of men and women out there who were chosen and instructed to specific ends by the Spirit; men and women who had no intention of doing the things they did until they were called to it (Moses jumps to mind) but for each one of those, there are probably a half dozen who need to pick a path and start walking.  And we can’t pick a path if we don’t know where we’re going.

Ok I’m just rambling now.  What do you think?  Do we need vision?  Do we need goals and objectives to make this Christianity thing work or will God’s Spirit take care of it all?  Either way, I still need to revise my vision.