Don’t ask me why I’m on a sci-fi binge, I just am.  I think I’ve been neglecting my inner geek lately and he’s demanding some attention.

Anyways, I saw someone on Facebook ask the question “ Discuss: What is your conception of the activity of the Holy Spirit in personal faith, in the community of believers, and in responsible living in the world?”

She’s preparing for ordination in a main stream denomination that requires her to come up with the “right” answer.  Now I know that Malachi 3 states “I am the LORD and I never change.”  Or something like that, but out of curiosity, how do you define “change” for the being who created all things, was, is, and is to come, AND, is everything for every circumstance?  How can there be a “right” answer for something like that?

So I was really thinking about this question.  What is my conception of the activity of the Holy Spirit?  And then it came to me.

The Spirit active and strong it is yes.  The Spirit alive it is.  The Spirit Yoda explains with wrong names he does.  Good grammar from Yoda I learned not.

Ok, back on track.

If I had to come up with a metaphor to describe the Activity of the Holy Spirit, then it would the Force from Star Wars, and every Christian is a rocking awesome Jedi Knight with dual wielding light sabers and a robot side kick.  In the same way that the Force is present and active in the world (worlds?) of Star Wars the Holy Spirit is present and active in our world.  The Spirit inhabits every living person in the same way that the Force is the energy that binds the universe together (no, that doesn’t make for a creationist case, not at all).  And just like the Jedi Knights are the ones who carry and bring the goodness of the Force to the wider world, so Christians bring the Light of the Spirit to the world around us.  (Let’s not get started on the Dark Side though, that’s a whole other conversation)

That is how the Spirit is like the Force, only MORE awesome.  Because while the Force can move objects, look into the future, mind trick a person, and other cool stuff, I bet you never seen a Jedi Knight lay hands on a leper and cleanse him.  I bet you never seen a Jedi Knight tell a cripple to get off his butt and start living his life.  I bet a Jedi has never had his SHADOW heal people.  And that’s ignoring the REALLY crazy stuff like calming the storm and the multiplication of the fish and the loaves.  On top of that, ANYONE can be imbued with the Spirit, and anyone can be used to advance the Kingdom.  Not just a select few, and not just those who are lucky enough to have the right circumstance of birth (yes, I’m ignoring all you people who believe in the doctrine of predestined salvation).  The Jedi are the few and the proud.  You have to be found at the right time and the right age to get the right training, but not so with the Spirit.  When the temple priests question Peter and John – “When they saw the courage of Peter and John and realized that they were unschooled, ordinary men, they were astonished “ (Acts 4:13)

Sorry Obi Wan, but you ain’t got nothing on my Jesus!