Breathe in
Breathe out.
The quickly churning waters of the deep
Consume me.
On every side I’m pressed
Pulled under
The water wants to eat me..
The darkness of the deep calls out
Entices me
But the pressure only builds..
The quickly churning waters of the deep
Squeeze me.
No air to breathe.
Hold onto it.
Breathe in.
Hold it
Hold tight.
It wants that breathe, tries
To squeeze it out of me.
The light is fading.
The darkness is consuming.
The chaos in the darkness of the deep
Batters mer
Tosses like a cheap plaything of a petulant child.
Hold onto breathe.
Hold onto light
And hold onto life.
But my grasp is sliping
My lungs che.
My eyes burn.
Hope is lost.

I cry in desperation
With no expectation
Of victory or salvation
And that simple proclamation
Beats back my isolation
In the darkness
I stand witness
To Godly glory grace and greatness.
Breathe in
But don’t hold it.
Breathe out blessing.