As always I want to start with a special shout out to Robert who challenge some of the things I said in my post Christians are weird, get over it. This is going to be a series of posts clarifying some of the more controversial issues Christians are arguing about today that have resulted in our misrepresentation.  Click for Part One,  Part Two, and Part Three of this series.

GROUND RULES FOR COMMENTS: 1) No proselytizing please.  The point of these posts are to share information and educate one another on our beliefs not to gain converts.  2) Ephesians 4:29 – Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen. IE – be nice.  3)  The discussion can go all kinds of places, so let’s make sure we stay on topic.  IF I ask that you please don’t reply to a comment it’s because I want to post a more in depth post on it later, not because I think the comment is invalid.

John Wesley

In conclusion, what’s the real point of contention between Christians?  Is it the authority of the Papacy?  How about the Doctrine of Salvation?  I seem to recall a couple of people arguing over the Armenian Heresy at one point, but I don’t have a clue what that is.  There is of course the fun argument of Continuation vs Cessation.   Or we could go for days talking about Eschatology and the question of Jewish Salvation.  Or we could even ignore all that and talk about church in a post-modern world.  We could even argue the immediacy of the Kingdom of God and that’s something that I always thought was pretty well wrapped up.

In other words, I could go for days just listing the things Christians argue about and then I could go for several more days talking about them.  I mean I really don’t have any clue what the Armenian Heresy is, but I’m pretty sure the Armenians don’t call it that.

The real source of contention boils down to a single question: Are you willing to be wrong?

Pope Benedictine XI

You see, people in general love to be right.  American’s especially hate being wrong.  I notice this in myself; when I am wrong rather than say “I’m wrong” I’ll joke around and say “oops I lied.”  Ask my wife, it drives her nuts.  But for Christians all this argument boils down to the fact that most of us are not willing to face the possibility of a major cornerstone of faith being wrong.

Now I believe that Jesus is the way the truth and life, and I believe that God sent us His only begotten Son to die for us.  I believe that with a surety I don’t know how to describe.  But I ask myself “What if I’m wrong?”

That messes me up.  Not going to lie that messes with my head and really shakes my core.  But when all the shaking and quaking is done here’s a simple truth.

Even if I’m wrong, I’ll still serve Him.  Even if I’m wrong, I’ll worship Him.  Even if there is no such thing as God I’ll still live my life the same way, because my life is better for it.  Even if Jesus is only a memory, it is a memory and a lifestyle that is alive and living in me, and making the world a better place.

At the same time that’s the great thing about faith.  I don’t need to argue with anyone to know that there is a God.  I don’t need to prove it to myself or to anyone else because His Spirit has already convicted me of the Truth.

John Calvin

And this is the Truth: That God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him will have eternal life.

There are questions.  Of course there are questions.  There will ALWAYS be questions.  When I answered my first altar call, it was because I thought the preacher was inviting me to ask my questions, I had no idea he was asking me to accept Jesus.  So I go up to one of the guys on the prayer team and say “Can you answer something for me?  How does the church reconcile a persistent history of hatred and violence with a gospel of peace and love?  Or can you explain how the veneration of saints is not in violation of the commandment to worship God alone?”

You should have seen the blank stare I got back.

Next day I hear another preacher say “God has a plan for you and it will ruin you.  It will ruin your plans and it will ruin your questions.  If you have questions, God’s going to ruin them.”

In other words: There is the Truth.  If you have questions, God’s got a wrecking ball.

John Wimber