Christians are weird people. The sooner all of us realize, recognize and embrace this, the sooner we can get on with the real work of the Kingdom. But this isn’t a bad thing. In fact we tend to tout it by proclaiming the new life that we’re living. Christians are proud of our Savior and we strive to take up our cross daily and follow Him. We want our light to shine, we want to proclaim the gospel, we have received so much and been healed of so much the only thing we can think to do is share it.

And at the same time we still stop and think “what will others think about this?” “Is this normal?” “Am I just a freak?”

Hey, have you read Ezekiel lately? Talk about weird.

The point is we as Christians have to let go of our preconceptions of societal norms. In other words, forget about everyone else and focus on God. If the sole aim is to please Him, to serve Him, and to worship Him, then who CARES what anyone else thinks?

If all I’m thinking about is worshiping Him, then it doesn’t matter if I do it with a song, with a poem, with a dance, or by waving a flag! (yes I went there) If I’m focused on HIM then the rest of the world can do whatever the heck it wants because I don’t care.

David stripped naked and danced before the Ark of the Covenant when it came into Jerusalem.

Paul was praying and singing hymns while imprisoned awaiting judgment.

Ezekiel lay on his side for a month eating nasty bread out of obedience to build the kingdom. Now that had to stink. All the other prophets got to speak their words, but Ezekiel gets a 60 day prophetic sign action involving bread made from beans and a scale model of Jerusalem. (I told you this guy was weird)

Jesus turned water into wine. Think about that. Water into wine. That’s not normal, but when his followers do something weird we sit around going, “uh, is that ok? Can he do that?” Never mind that our Savior said “You will do greater things than these.” I mean COME ON!

One of the young people I minster to, told me that she sometimes saw things or had strange feelings of foreboding that would bear witness to something. Then she asks “Is that normal?”

Ladies and gentlemen, ain’t nothin ‘normal’ in the Kingdom. Which means that if we want to be a part of it, we can’t be normal either. We have to define a new social norm based around a simple, inescapable fact: Christians are weird.

That’s right, I’m asking you to be a Jesus Freak.   How about it?