I look around and see
My brothers and sisters struggling to stay together.
I see the faces with names
Frightfully framed
In the steep shadows
Of doors and windows
As we cry and cling
To one another in the hope and prayer
That those out there
Aren’t who we think, who we fear
They are.
Because inside is bright
We have light
And love and joy
And no care for the toys
All the boys
Out there crave and save
And wave around like the greatest treasure of the Earth.
But not I, not we
In this building who have given everything to love
To see/feel/know and ride
This wave to the distant shore.
But before
We go and leave the darkness
We know the need and feel the need to show them the kindness
Love and affection
Beyond surface affectation
That brought us inside.
But the world we reach is afraid of us.
The Night Watchers, Bumpers, Screamers, Eaters,
Looters, and Lusters fear us.
And they come looking, come hunting.
Out in the darkness we hear them
And we fear them.
“38-55-50 by 77-4-14”
he says on a radio.
“Heavily entrenched hostile, hard and heavy payload.
“Bring the pain.
“Bring the rain.”
On some distant plane an iron giants swims closer to shore
An iron bird takes flight once more
And the world erupts in
And the rain pours hard
While the faces with names
Are frightfully framed
In the steep shadows
Of the doors and windows.