It’s really easy to fight AGAINST something.  I mean really easy.  Pick a time, pick a place, and you’ll find something that people are fighting against.  If you picked a time and place post 1960 in the United States you probably found Westboro Baptist Church.  Of course no one ever says that they’re fighting against something.  Ernesto Guevara wasn’t fighting against Capitalism he was fighting for the People.  We aren’t fighting against abortion we’re fighting for the voiceless.  We aren’t against Gay marriage, we’re in favor of traditional family values.  The list goes on and on, and I can get really controversial here but that’s not the point.

Fighting for something? Or against something else?

This post started off as “in defense of the missional church” thanks to the post and subsequent comments from Blog One Another yesterday.  However, it was really obvious to me that I was breaking one of my own core values as I was writing.

I wasn’t fighting FOR something, but fighting AGAINST the opposite.

It’s a hard distinction to make and very often you won’t know where you stand on the issue until the worst of the battle is over.  And you’ll know at that point because you’ll either continue building what you were fighting for, or you’ll be lost because now you have no enemy.

Fighting against something is easy.  You have a target, you have a plan of attack and you have an easy vision to build off of.  A vision that sounds something like “A world without sickness.”

Fighting for something is much harder because you have to dare to dream it.  Not just the thing you’re fighting for, but what does it really look like?  What does it mean and how do you build it when the fighting is over?  Does a world without sickness mean universal health care?  Revolutionary new medicines?

Christians tend to luck out on this one because the fight is for God, but it’s against eternal or near eternal enemies.  It’s the fight against sin for example.  We’re only human, we’ll never win that war.

How about the Spiritual war?  Ephesians 6 says that our struggle is against the dark powers of this world, clearly we’re supposed to fight AGAINST it right?

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say no.  That’s the direction the fight is coming from, but we still fight FOR the Kingdom.  We’re here to build the Kingdom, to make disciples, not wage a war.  At least, that’s why I’m here.

How about it?  What are you fighting for?  What do you think about it?  Can fighting against something ultimately be effective?