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I mentioned it once before in Keys to get it Done but let’s talk about it again.  The Simple truth is that if God wants to do something He does it.  He wants to create the world so he does.  He wants to flood the world, so he does.  Restore, exile and re-restore the Israelites, He does all of this and there isn’t anything anyone can do about it.

Yet for some reason, when Jesus, the Word made Flesh, the Living Son of God, He who is wholly human and wholly divine (more on that later), he doesn’t just do it.  He recruits people to help him do the work.  Not only does he recruit people, but it’s the first thing he does once he really gets his ministry going.  If our Lord God and Savior decided to do things differently to establish the New Covenant (which is only the most significant event in the bible) then don’t you think we should pay attention here?

So why did he do things differently?

Because he loves us and wants to know us.

Now He could just pop into our heads and learn all about us because He’s the omnipotent and omniscient God, but he doesn’t because he values us and wants relationship with us on our level.  Relationship is the key.  The system of give and take between people creates a dynamic that allows us to learn and grow.

So now the question becomes, what are the benefits of relationship?

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