A Man for whom I have nothing but the utmost respect and love (let’s call him Thomas), read my letter about my trip to South Dakota. His response was (via e-mail) “Out of curiosity, how many prayers does it take to fill up a gas tank?” (Since I’ll be driving out there and back)  Now in case you’re wondering this man is not a believer (Get it?  Thomas- Doubting Thomas?), but he has always been there for me and like I said, long ago earned my love and respect.  So although his question was intended to be a rhetorical and cynical jibe at me, it got me thinking.

“How many prayers does it take to fill up a gas tank?”

And now I have answer:


It takes 1 prayer to fill a tank with gas and in this case it takes your 1 prayer, Thomas.  I am requesting everyone who has decided to pray for my trip to NOT pray for the rest of this week.  And you, Thomas, get to spend the next five days saying the following prayer, once a day.

Jesus, [no ambiguity on this one] I pray that you provide Seiji and his team with $_____ to cover the cost of their gas as they prepare to travel to South Dakota.

That’s it.  Say this one prayer, once a day for five days (cf Lk18:1-8). You get to fill in the amount of money, and don’t tell me or anyone else what it is.  This will be between you and Jesus, and we’ll see if Jesus provides that money in the next five to seven days.