Also known as “ADD people like me have problems praying.”  This is a simple truth of my life: that I get easily distracted and it doesn’t matter what’s going on after about two (that’s 2) minutes of praying, I get distracted.  Prayer goes something like this.

“Dear Father, thank you bless you…why am I blessing you?  You didn’t sneeze did you?  Isn’t sneeze a weird word?  I wonder where it came from.  ‘sneeze.’ Probably developed as an onomatopoeia from the Germanic roots of the English language.”

And on it goes.  That time I didn’t even make it to the two minute mark.

Now I’ve been keeping up with Chris Branscome and his blog called The Prayer Experiment, and it’s been enlightening to say the least, but one particular post inspired me.   He entitled it The Incredible Shrinking God and in it Chris talks about how our prayer lives fail to take into account the simple fact that God is simultaneously big enough and small enough to handle anything.

This is a huge deal for me because I’m really working on praying for my trip this summer to South Dakota because I want God to be in and around everything big and small that we’re going to be doing.  But the fact remains that I’m still bouncing off the walls when it comes to prayer.

It doesn’t even matter if I’m praying for someone else, because I don’t know HOW to pray for someone else.

Enter my good friend Dustin Hedrick.  Here’s a guy who not only knows how to pray, but was actually able to explain it to me in a way that works for me.  Officially it’s called Wimber’s 5 Step Model to Pray for Healing, but in reality, it can work for anything besides healing.

For all you cessationists out there reading my blog, I’m really truly, and deeply sorry, if the charismatic nature of the above link freaks you out…well actually I’m not.  I am sorry if you’re offended or anything but let’s agree to disagree ok?

Anyways, the 5 step model is the kind of guide I really needed to build my prayer life, because it didn’t matter what I said or knew about praying, actually getting on my knees and staying focused on speaking to the LORD for more than 2 minutes wasn’t happening.  So in brief here are the five steps.

  1. Establish Contact – Whether you’re praying for someone or just to the LORD, make sure everyone knows everyone.  “Hi there, you need prayer?  What’s your name?”  That easy.
  2. Purpose – Why are you praying?  Do you have something specific to pray for/bring to God? 
  3. Finding the words – Just say it.  Just start talking and praying.  (I’ve found that doing this aloud also helps keep the ADD away.)
  4. Observe – as you pray it is very likely that the LORD will speak back to you.  Be watchful for it, and be obedient to whatever happens.
  5. Follow through – Don’t give up!  God won’t give up on you if you don’t make it all the way through the prayer, if nothing happens for the person you’re praying for, God won’t give up on you, so you better not give up on Him.

All that being said, I hope you all can take some time to pray with me over my mission trip (because I’m obviously not very good at it).  Besides that, any other recommendations on how an ADD person can better pray?