Now is the time to make
to break, to build
Gild, fill and shake
up the establishment.
Now is the time to know who you are
and plan to be. Like the man said
“To thine own self be true.”
But I don’t ask who
you are.
I ask who you THINK
you are
and plan to be.
I wonder, contemplate, ruminate
about the possibilities.
Not just for your sake
but my own.
I think I know who I am
what I want
my plans
my goals
my ambitions and traditions
and I suppose and propose that
to some level
in some ways
on some days it’s true.
Because form my point of view
I got it.
I’m going to work to live and love
the absolute best I can.
I DO have my plans and ambitions
I know how to lay the foundations
to grow and excel
to beat the limitations, imitations and restrictions
that can keep a man down in the muck and mire.
But that doesn’t change the simple basic fact
that the only back
I’m watching is my own.
It’s my hide, my
plans my
ambitions and my
self I’m worried about.
What kind of man am i that the only reason
I have a favorite team in this season is
They so “No ‘I’ in team.”
I say “but there’s a ‘me’”
And even then, seeing that
the only question that lifts off these lips
is where am I? where does that leave me?
And you may say
“you’re young and have time
so take your time
to learn who you are.”
But I have to say that just doesn’t seem right.
That doesn’t feel right
not to me.
Because I can look at what I write
I can hear what I say
and despite my years
my ears can hear the pubescent mewling
of a selfish soul.
So right here and now
I pray to the Creator
of Heaven and Earth
to save me from the recklessness of selfishness.
Take me up from the world of “me” and “I”
Take me away from the muck and mire
from this time and place
from this repetitious rat race
from the detritus of a world left behind
from the world consumed because it couldn’t stop feeding,
couldn’t stop the lusting or the greed.
Oh my Creator
my Savior
my Lord and Master
My Father
The Craftsman who crafted me,
give me a point of view where I can see
a world that exists far beyond me.

Now is a time to change
to rearrange life & priorities
because I’m sick & tired
worn out
blown out
knocked out and shut down
by the world I see, the world of ME.
Enough of this world of internalized fandom
Help me help you create The Heavenly Kingdom.

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