So we’re all told to wait upon the LORD right?  It seems like every other passage in the bible is very good about counseling patience and waiting to move until God tells you to. Otherwise you might hear that we’re supposed to wait until we see God moving, and THEN we get to do something. And that’s true I suppose, we really DON’T want to do anything outside of our LORD or we might find ourselves in over our heads and just making a complete mess of things. But what if we misunderstand what we’re supposed to be doing? But let’s face it, waiting like that stinks.

Most commonly, when people say “wait upon the lord,” they often reference Isaiah 40:31 which in older translations reads “but they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength.” (PS – this is the wings like eagles verse)Now the Hebrew word kavaw used there does suggest a sort of patience, but it is an active patience. It means that thankfully we don’t have to sit around twiddling our thumbs until something happens. We’re active.

Think about a waiter at a restaurant. (S)he will serve drinks, take orders, and bring out some bread or nachos if you happen to be at a Mexican restaurant. Then (s)he disappears. Unless you’ve worked as wait staff you don’t know what they do during this time but I’ll give you a hint: they wait. Wait for the kitchen to call their order. Wait for their customers to need refills on their drinks or bread/nachos. They don’t just stand around until someone calls them (although I suppose some do). But a good waiter attentively waits, always aware of what’s going on, and eager to serve.

That’s us.

We’re attentive to the building the Kingdom and eager to serve the LORD with whatever it is He may need. We eagerly seek and wait for opportunities to serve one another. We’re waiters at our Father’s table.

Are you waiting?  What does that look like practically?

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