Before I go too far on this one let me explain the concept behind a calling card.

Back in the day, gentlemen would call on a house (sometimes a lady, sometimes a friend, sometimes the family) and since this was an era before cell phones, there was no guarantee that someone would be home. In such cases, the gentleman would leave behind his calling card that basically said “Hi, So and so came to visit but you weren’t home.” This is where business cards came from which have a company name and a few words to tell you what that company is about.

Currently I’m working on a project with ourchurchdotcom about building a better blog in 31 days.  Amazingly enough, it’s called “31 Days to Build a Better Blog.”  The first phase is building an elevator pitch for your blog, or to develop that slogan.  The one line summary of a mission statement you’ll find on a business card (you can see mine on the “about” page).  But this is the kind of important thing for any aspect of your life for two reasons.

  1. Articulating it makes it more real for you. It also gives you an important touchstone in your life. It’s something you can always go back to and say “This is what I need to work for.”
  2. On the other hand it might help you prioritize if you can say “1 helps me towards this, but 2 doesn’t.” For example, if my blog is designed to provide clear inspiration for youth and young Christians from a biblical worldview, then I won’t blog about Jersey Shore. This allows you to share it with others.

Remember that one of the keys to getting your work, your mission accomplished in life is to get help, and while Divine help is wonderful and necessary, we are meant to have fellowship and help from humans too. That means we have to be able to explain to them what it is we want help with and why. It might change, just so you know. In fact it most likely will change, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have one. Call it what you want. Call it a slogan, an elevator pitch, a calling card, or a motto. Just make sure you have it.