My head says “should”
“A man should-”
“A child should-”
“a wise man should –”
“a brave man should –”
“An artist/poet/painter/writer/actor should
“Be thus and so.
Act like this.
Do a)
and/or d)”
over and over again and again
it screams
it teams
with all the woulds coulds and shoulds
of this world and these people
Forget the Cross
Forget the steeple
You live on this plain on this earth
“You want to stay sane?
You should could would”
Because that’s how it is
That’s how it goes
That’s what makes THIS world and earth go ‘round.

But that’s my head.

My heart,
My heart that isn’t my own,
That’s a bigger heart I’ve never know
That heart cries out
For something bigger, better, beyond
Would should could
Beyond “have to” and “need to” until we reach “ache for.”
That heart cries to me and i to it
For a release from the pain of the world/earth
And plain
For washing
For Gracious Reign.

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