Someone asked if it was significant or meant anything that even though God created light in the first day, He didn’t create the sun, moon and stars until day 4.  You can see my response here and it isn’t a bad response, but I’m also sure there’s more to it.  And that “more” goes something like this:

x-ray image of our Sun

Not even the darkest night, is hidden from God’s light.

When God first creates light, he separates it from the darkness to create night and day.  But at that time, night was devoid of any light at all.   Now it isn’t as if God gets to day 4 after creating the heaven, the earth and the plants and suddenly realizes, his plants need to photosynthesize to survive.  But he stops here and creates the sun and moon and stars to “govern the day and the night.”

This tells me that even in the darkest night, even when you can’t see the moon and the stars, when all seems to be darkness, OUR GOD REIGNS!

HE ALONE governs the day and the night.

HE ALONE governs the course of our lives.

OUR GOD shines light into the darkness, and where there is light, there can be no darkness.

It isn’t that God made the sun and moon days after creating light, it’s that He made them before he created the living creatures of the world.  The creatures who would need a reminder of the Creator who created them in the day as well as the dark.