The Lord breathed life into humans in an incredibly intimate moment of divine CPR.  It is the first act of creation in Genesis that does NOT have the Lord speaking a thing into existence.  I might be way off base here, but that tells me that God gave us the power and ability to choose or define our existences ourselves.  It also tells me, that He intended for us to give words and a voice to that existence.  Consider the deaf-mute as an example.


In Mark 7:31-37 Jesus meets a man who can neither hear nor speak, and Jesus heals him which then allows the man to go running around the countryside telling his story.  Before he can tell his story, however, Jesus has to help him find his voice.  This happens in three steps.

1)      Jesus takes him away from the crowd. Rather than miraculously heal the man in front of the crowd like he does in so many other instances, rather than deliver another miraculous sign to the people, Jesus takes this man to one side where they can be in private.  He creates intimacy with the deaf-mute.  After all, you can’t get much more intimate that placing your spit in another person’s mouth.

2)      Jesus speaks to him.  You could also say that Jesus commands, but we do come back to the power of spoken words.  The same spirit that was hovering expectantly over the waters in Genesis 1, in the same breath of God, the same spirit that God uses to speak, and that Jesus (who is completely divine and completely human) uses to heal and command.  The Spirit rushes into the deaf-mute

3)      Jesus heals him.  The moment that the Spirit rushes into the deaf-mute he is healed.  He can hear and speak, but more importantly he has a voice that was released by his healing.  Even though Jesus tells him not to speak of this, word spreads through the countryside.  A man who was mute can speak, and is telling his story himself.

For those of us seeking our voices this translates into a similar three step process: 1) develop intimacy, relationship with the Living God; 2) Allow the spirit to flow into you out of that relationship; 3) Allow the spirit to release you from the baggage holding you back.

And then you’ll have your voice.  You’ll have your story.

Oh and for clarification purposes, when I use the term “voice” I mean: a sense of Identity, a sense of direction, and a sense of expression.