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Before creation, God waited in eager anticipation for the moment He would begin to create.  Then, when the time was right, when everything was just so, God creates Light.  With infinite power, and infinite possibilities, with the Chaos still raging around Him, God’s first order of business is not to still the chaos, it is not to create everything simultaneously in a single instant, but to make light.

Some thoughts on what this means, and the characteristics of light.

  • Light allows us to see and experience the world.
  • Light also provides heat and warmth.
  • Light is invulnerable to darkness.  No matter how pervasive, how frightening, or horrific the darkness, the tiniest amount of light will prevail over it.
  • That the first thing created is Light, tells me that any time we seek the Father or his Kingdom, we should begin by seeking His light, and creating space for His light to shine.  From there, as the time is appropriate, He will bring about the next step.
  • If Darkness is fear, then the Light is Hope and Love.
  • The Fruits of the Spirit like real fruit, cannot grow without light.
  • God’s Light, having been created,  NEVER stops shining.
  • God is Light and in Him there is no Darkness—1 John 1:5
  • God spoke to Moses through a burning bush (fire makes light)
  • As HE is the Light of the World, we are called to be the same.
  • Light of God will always precede His other work.

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