Someone, I forget who exactly, once told me that perspective is not simply seeing something from a different point of view, but the difference between seeing things how they ARE as oppose to how you WANT or EXPECT them to be.  Now I’m reasonably certain that this was meant to be cynical but I see it as hopeful.  That perspective is about seeing things from a Divine point of view.  To that end I want to share a perspective on blessing others.

Courtesty of Stock Exchange

People love to be blessed.  In the States especially, people love free stuff.  They just soak in as much as they can handle and then they go grab some more because it isn’t quite enough.  I’ve heard people, cynics mostly, refer to noted authors like de Tocquville to explain this kind of behavior.  The supersize mentality almost unique to America that states “if a little is good, a lot is better.”

But that’s not what I saw.  And perhaps I’m blindly optimistic or assuming that this particular subject can be discussed in broad generalizations, but I do not see a people eager for more and more and more material wealth.

I see people hungry for affection and meaningful relationship, and who have, through no fault of their own, come to associate those things with material goods: a man who genuinely loves a woman gives her a diamond ring; therefore a woman who has a diamond ring must be loved.

It makes me wonder if perhaps we, the church, need to consider the way in which we do outreaches to some extent.  We love giving things away.  We give away bottled water, we throw parties with free giveaways, and we give away flowers on mother’s day or valentines day or just because.  I don’t know what we would need to do to make that change, in fact I’m not sure if I can think of a single thing.  But the association between material goods and love is by far and large, and unhealthy one and makes me ask, “How else can we show people God’s love for them?”

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