This time of year, every year, we talk about two things: Jesus died for our sins, and conquered death to grant us everlasting life.  But to say Jesus died for every single person is a bit hard to wrap your brain around, so let’s break it up into 5 groups into which everyone falls and are described in the passion narrative.

Jesus died for these.

Jesus Died

  1. For those who believe– there are Christians out there, who have fallen asleep and just go through life like it doesn’t mean anything.  Or they are angry at the world and attack it at every turn.  And of course the faithful.  We see these in Lk 22:45 .
  2. For those who hate —maybe “hate” is too strong a word, but then again maybe not.  In Lk 22:47 Judas comes with the temple Priests to attack and arrest Jesus.  But we also see Jesus forgive Judas in Matthew 26:50 when he calls Judas “friend.”  Later on we see Jesus cry out on their behalf saying “forgive them Father, they know not what they do.”
  3. For those who’ve been hurt —there are plenty of people out there who have been badly hurt by the church.  Jesus died for these especially and we see it in Lk 22:50-51 when Peter, the embodiment of the church, strikes the temple servant and Jesus in turn heals the wounded soldier.
  4. For those who ignore – Pontius Pilate in Mt 27:24 washes his hands of Jesus’ fate and chooses to ignore whatever happens next.  People who deliberately ignore the world around them, the pain suffering and inflict further pain with their indifference also receive the grace of Jesus’ death.
  5. For those who sin  – Jesus is crucified with two thieves.  These were sinners, people who deliberately defied the law for their own gain, who in their greed looked for themselves instead of others and paid the price for it.  Jesus died for them.

And then He rose again.

He rose for those same people, he gave them life, power and most of all love.  He rose victorious.