Recently, I’ve found myself reading articles about how we should study the bible. All such articles always begin by first explaining why we should study the scriptures, the idea being that if we know why we do something then we can figure out better ways of how to do it.

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Admittedly, I’m sick of some of the reasons I’ve been seeing.

  • To inspire ourselves
  • To better influence our community
  • To develop a better sense of self
  • To learn how to act responsibly

Give me a break.

First of all I think the authors are mistaking the fruit for the seed.  That is to say that these things they see as the goal are the RESULTS of bible study not the goals we have going into it.  It’s like saying the Fruits of the Spirit (Gal 5:22-23) are the characteristics we go looking for when we becoming Christians rather then the result of our being Christians.  Do you want to know what the real purpose behind a bible study is?

The purpose of studying the bible is to worship God.

That easy.  We want to come close to Him, we want to develop intimacy with Him so we do what we would do if we were trying to develop a relationship with anyone else: we get to know Him.  In the case of God, he’s got a book out that tells us all about him so we read it and study it and that desire, that heart brings honor to God.

It is worship.

The rest is just incidental.  A happy coincidence.