The first Chapter of Mark details Jesus’ early days of ministry.  What I want to point out to you is the way in which he begins.

  1. He has faith. In the Desert-Water X Water-Desert Chiasm we see that the relationship between being filled and being empty revolves around faith.  Faith in God, and Faith that He will take care of you will keep you going no matter what it is.  John the Baptist baptized because he had Faith that the Messiah was coming, and Jesus survived forty days in the Desert being tempted because he had Faith that his Father was with him.
  2. He has vision.  This is not the supernatural kind of vision we see in Ezekiel, Isaiah or Jeremiah but rather the plain old concept of a goal.  A vision, as in a vision statement, is the God given purpose to which we drive.  Jesus’ vision was proclaiming the gospel of the Kingdom of God.  This will give you something solid to work towards, to hold onto and to remind you of your faith.  Faith and Vision will ALWAYS compliment each other and build off of one another to create a person of God.  Faith in the vision will build the vision, and the vision itself will build up your faith.
  3. He has help.  Note that Jesus could easily go it alone.  I mean He is the Word made Flesh, the Son of God, the Messiah, the Triune God (no wikipedia link on purpose, I don’t want to fry your brains today) don’t you think He could do it on his own if he wanted?  But he didn’t, he deliberately chose people to accompany him and follow him, and work with and for him.  Relationships are valuable and let’s face it, we are meant to live in a community and not in solitude.  God made us to be social creatures and to learn from one another not to be hermits and learn from the rocks and trees.

So whenever you want to accomplish something, anything, no matter what it is.  If you have a vision and you have faith, then only thing you’re missing is a bit of help to get it done.