Dreaming of Paradise

Three Thoughts On The Trump Tape

Reading up on the details of the Trump tape, I fee compelled to say a couple of things.  These are points of opinion and observation which I share without any intent to influence the politics opinions of others.  These are also things I would say to my own boys (pictured) if I ever heard them say or if they asked me about hearing these things. 

1) Trump does not represent me as a man and any male who says anything to the contrary does not represent me as a man. 

2) as a father of boys I cannot say “I don’t want my daughters hearing this” but I can say with equal fervor that I do not want my boys hearing this and thinking that this is acceptable behavior for a man. 

3) as a Christian I want to forgive him and accept his apology, but as a Christian who has served In Leadership I must also say that anyone who is relatively young in his faith (Trump is reported to have chosen Christ during the primaries) and one who does not display any fruit of the spirit must be given more time to develop Godly character before being given serious authority. This is for his own good, as it is likely that the additional responsibilities would only make his faith journey much harder in these days. 

To the Students of my Alma Mater on the Subject of Racism on Campus

There has been on campus, an event which is described by some as the most vile example of blackface in recent history.   There is a lot of conflict among alumni, and I am sure it is not a whole lot better on Campus, but the real question is not “What will Albright do about this?

Do not misunderstand me; the administration absolutely needs to do something and it needs to do something to make sure that the rest of the student body is protected from this kind of behavior spiraling into something that threatens physical harm.  But the real question, the one that every student and alumnus needs to be asking themselves right now is “what are WE going to do about it?” Continue reading “To the Students of my Alma Mater on the Subject of Racism on Campus”

Dreams and Delusions

I stand by the only light in the hall
and remember a little boy
standing in the same spot
or at least one close to it. Continue reading “Dreams and Delusions”

Jesus is the Answer, but so is Legislation

I read a post of Facebook today that said something like “if you need any more proof that the USA needs to get back to its Christian roots, just look at the rioting in the streets.”

Now there are two ways to read this.

  1. Rioters need Jesus to heal from the injustices visited against them
  2. Oppressors need Jesus to realize that they need to stop the oppression.

Continue reading “Jesus is the Answer, but so is Legislation”

The Christian is the Answer to Terrorism

Now if you think that this article is going to say something like “if only we can win Muslim souls to Christ there will be no more terrorism,” then you clearly a) have not read my blog before and b) need to chill out about evangelism.  I suppose I should be more precise in my article title and say “homegrown terrorism,” because after reading up on the topic a bit it seems to me that there is a simple common thread between every radicalized homegrown terrorist aside from a surface level faith that has little or nothing to do with their actions: marginalization. Continue reading “The Christian is the Answer to Terrorism”

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