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Psalm 1

tree by streamI think that Christians often underestimate the value of Mosaic Law.  After all we are redeemed from the law (gal 3:13). We are free from its yoke and yet here, the first psalm, the first entry in the books of wisdom talks about the two ways: the wicked and lawless versus the righteous and holy.  “Happy are those…[who] delight in the Law of the Lord and on His law they meditate day and night.”

Joshua, the first book in the books of the prophets, has a similar tone right up front.  “Only be strong and courageous being very careful to act in accordance with My Law.” (Jos 1:7) Read the rest of this page »

the Father’s heart

If you’ve ever heard the phrase “the father’s heart” then you’ve probably hit one or two different sterotypes or assumptions about the Father’s heart.

Worst case scenario – You had a bad relationship with your earthly dad and this brings up all kinds of not cool kinds of thoughts and emotions for you.

Best case scenario – you had a great relationship with your earthly dad and you sub-conciously think of your Heavenly Father as a bigger, more powerful verison of your earthly dad.

Most the rest of us scenario –  your earthly dad wasn’t perfect, he mad mistakes but he was basically a good dad.  This means that you think of God as a generally good guy who will from time to time allow bad things to happen through innatention, misunderstanding or just being human.

here’s the problem with all of these: God isn’t human.  Your heavenly Father isn’t human.  His ways are not our ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts.  What we know is that our heavenly Father will not give us a stone when we ask for eggs and he won’t give us snakes when we ask for bread.  We know that he loves us, and that he loves us with such passion and ardor that it took 66 books and 6,ooo years for it all to get written down.  We know that He has plans to give us a hope and a future.  We know that there is no place we can hide from his love or gaze.  We know that his love and mercy extend to us wherever we are.  We know that there is a place prepared for us in his house and we know that nothing, neither height nor depth, nor angels nor demons can seperate us from the love of God we have through Christ Jesus.

And yet there’s something special about the Father’s heart that all the promises and all the knowledge and all the bible memorization in the world can’t explain.  I pray we all get the chance to have that revelation buried deep in our hearts.

1st, love

I am starting up the blog again after a significant hiatus, so please excuse me if you are a dedicated reader and are getting bored with me repeating some of the same stuff over and over.

That being said, the longer I am in ministry and the more time I spend looking at my mistakes in ministry and life in general, I find more and more often that all of my screw ups come from the same place: I didn’t love first.  Maybe I didn’t love the person I was serving before I started serving him/her.  Maybe I got distracted from loving God and got caught up in just doing stuff (which happens ALL THE FREAKING TIME!!  You’d think I’d learn after a while).

Regardless of my mistake or where my love went awry, the fact is that I get into trouble when I fail to love first and decide to act or to serve first.  Why this is a big deal. Read the rest of this page »

A thought on Psalm 20

gk_chariotNow this I know:
The Lord gives victory to his anointed.
He answers him from his heavenly sanctuary
with the victorious power of his right hand.
Some trust in chariots and some in horses,
but we trust in the name of the Lord our God.
They are brought to their knees and fall,
but we rise up and stand firm.
Lord, give victory to the king!
Answer us when we call!
~Psalm 20:6-9

Read the rest of this page »

Party People!!

When was the last time you celebrated? For me it was this morning. About two or three hours ago. I was driving into work, just cruising down the highway when I decided to change the music and celebrate in my car. Rolled down the windows, pumped up the bass and cranked up the volume to this song.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=frko0yjXUog Read the rest of this page »

Who’s the Audience?

Audience_Frontier_FiestaEvery action has at least two participants – the performer and the audience. When I drive to work, I’m driving and everyone else on the road is watching, they are my audience. When I go running in the morning, I’m running and the rest of the nearby world is my audience. In these instances the world probably isn’t paying all that much attention to me, but that’s besides the point: there is a performer and there is an audience.

When the Christian goes out to serve, who is the audience?
If you said “God” or “Jesus” then that is the “right” answer. Read the rest of this page »

love(d) well

love-feels-likeI was struggling with sin the other day. My sin specifically, but you’ll excuse me if I don’t air all my dirty laundry online :-) anyways I was struggling with my sin the other day and went to my mentor basically saying “I’ve gone to the cross again and again and again and I just can’t get a handle on [my thorn in the flesh]” What he said to me, he had said to me a million times before, but for some reason it really struck me hard that day. Maybe I was more broken than normal, maybe I was more repentant than normal. Maybe I just got lucky. Maybe Holy Spirit decided that now was the time. I don’t know but I got it this time.

My mentor said “Sage, you have not been well loved.” Read the rest of this page »


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